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Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Shoreline Restoration and Protection Project - One Year Later - Drone Footage

Completed in early 2016, by AWF and its partners, the one-mile shoreline protection and restoration project was completed in less than six months by piggybacking on an existing permit and replacing costly rock embankments with an innovative and eco-friendly approach: a combination of natural and recycled products. The results of the project were dramatic - in less than six months, the unprotected embankment eroded by 8 to 10 feet, while the protected berm was stable, more than a year later, providing habitat for numerous marine and wildlife species. This drone footage provided by Martin Ecosystems, shows how the project is holding up more than an year after installation.

Summit on the National Significance of the Master Plan

On February 16, 2017, the America's WETLAND Foundation and Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority held a Summit on the national significance of Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan. The summit followed two leadership roundtables held this past fall where topics surrounding Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan were the focus of discussions aimed at making the master plan operational and adequately funded. The entire summit was broadcasted live on Facebook and three sessions from the Summit were taped: Louisiana as the Bellwether in Coastal Restoration, featuring former U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, Dr. Don Boesch from the University of Maryland and Justin Ehrenwerth from the Water Institute of the Gulf - watch that video here. The next video is called The Continuous Storm- Making a Case for Urgent Action, featuring McIlhenny and Company CEO, Anthony Simmons, Col. Michael Clancy from the USACE and former Governor Kathleen Blanco - watch that video here. The final video entitled A State of Responsibility features remarks by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards - watch that video here.

DELTAS2013: World Delta Dialogues - Opening Video

DELTAS2013 was a unique gathering in Ho Chi Minh City of global representatives from the many sectors and political circles discussing solutions to some of the most acute challenges facing Vietnam and its delta, the broader Mekong River system and major deltas and watersheds worldwide.


Check out the introductory video for America's WETLAND Foundation's brand new initiative THE BIG RIVER WORKS. Join us as we will bring together key stakeholders for an unprecedented analysis of the Mississippi River that will detail the consequences of inaction and outline what needs to be done to build a sustainable system.

Washington D.C. Briefing on Resilient Gulf Coast Communities Video

Check out the video for AWF's Washington D.C. briefing where The America's WETLAND Foundation and its America's Energy Coast initiative released findings from a 14 month series of leadership forums held across the Gulf Coast.

Floating Islands to Save Louisiana's Native American Land from Coastal Erosion

Hundreds of volunteers helped launch floating islands in a demonstration project of a new technology to protect the coast south of Houma, Louisiana, that is considered to be ground zero for coastal land loss in America. 

DELTAS2010 Video News Release 

DELTAS2010 brought together a select delegation representing governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the science and engineering community from across the globe, along with local and regional authorities on the world's great deltas.

America's Energy Coast Videos

America's Energy Coast (AEC) Initiative, brings together leaders in industry, the national environmental and conservation community, academia and major coastal interests from the four energy-producing states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The purpose of the initiative is to develop common solutions to ensure a sustainable coastal environment and the activities that take place there that are so critical to the energy and economic security of the United States.

Entergy Employees Team Up with America's WETLAND to Save the Gulf Coast

America's WETLAND Foundation, along with more than 100 Entergy volunteers, helped launch floating islands in a demonstration project of a new technology to protect the coast south of Houma, Louisiana. The area is considered to be ground zero for coastal land loss in America.


Additional Videos and Graphics of Interest


America’s WETLAND Shoreline Restoration Demonstration Project

The America’s WETLAND Foundation is leading a partnership including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ducks Unlimited, Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association, Texas Coastal Exchange, Delta Farms and private landowners to undertake a demonstration project to restore four miles of the embankment shoreline of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) in Lafourche Parish, La. This video, created by Martin Ecosystems, features the technology somewhat similar to the one that will be used in the project.

Storm Surge Overview from Fast Draw and NOAA

Land Loss Videos & Maps

The land loss video below is based on USGS National Wetlands Research Center data and the coastal land loss map shows predicted land loss from 1932 until 2050.

Times Picayune Land Loss Animation

How Much Oil Is On The Gulf Coast- New York Times Interactive Map

100 Years of Hurricanes and Where They Have Hit

Restoring America's Delta by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Mississippi River Delta is sinking at an alarming rate. To make informed decisions about the actions required to fix it, we need to understand how the delta was formed, its importance for both wildlife and people, as well as the causes of the precipitous land loss.

Women of the Storm Video News Release on March 2011 Capitol Hill

A video of the Women of the Storm press conference held in Washington, DC, in March 2011 supporting the RESTORE Act that will dedicate 80 percent of the BP fines toward coastal restoration.

SpecTIR Gulf Coast Wetland Coverage

In advance of oil making landfall in the Gulf of Mexico in summer 2010, SpecTIR deployed airborne sensors to capture spatial and spectral pictures of the tidal wetlands of the Gulf Coast. These images capture the state of vegetation at the time of flights and are important for several reasons.

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