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AWF's Shoreline Protection and Restoration Project
The America’s WETLAND Foundation brought private funding to shoreline stabilization to prove cost and time savings and provide public/private model to replicate along the waterway. This project restored a mile of the embankment along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Lafourche Parish near the city of Larose, LA. Check out drone footage of the project, one year after completion here.

An Orphaned River, A Lost Delta
This article, written by AWF Managing Director, Val Marmillion appears in the Winter 2017 Edition of Open Rivers: Rethinking the Mississippi. Open Rivers: Rethinking the Mississippi is produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing and the University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study.

Summit on the National Significance of the Master Plan
On February 16, 2017, the America’s WETLAND Foundation and Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority held a Summit on the national significance of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan. The summit followed two leadership roundtables held this past fall where topics surrounding Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan were the focus of discussions aimed at making the master plan operational and adequately funded. There were two PowerPoint presented at the Summit. You can download the presentation by Bren Haase of CPRA here. You can view the “In Memorial Video” here and you can download a copy of the program for the Summit here.

King Milling’s Article in EcoMagazine
Eco (Environmental, Coastal and Offshore) Magazine is published 9 times a year in print and digital formats, each issue presents critical business intelligence for scientific professionals.The America’s WETLAND Foundation’s Chairman, R. King Milling, provided an article for the February 2017 edition of the magazine.

Presentations from the Louisiana Coastal Restoration and Protection Roundtables
The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and America's WETLAND Foundation joined forces for the two-day series of discussions on finding common ground, adapting on the path to implementation, and moving past barriers to find success on important issues like fresh water and sediment diversions and the future of coastal communities as the plan becomes a reality in efforts to stem the rising tide.  On October 24, 2016, there were two presentations: Bren Hasse, CPRA and Natalie Peyronnin, Environmental Defense Fund. Download Bren's PowerPoint here. Download Natalie's PowerPoint here.  On October 25, 2016 there were four presentations: Adam Davis, Ecosystem Investment Partners; Elliott Boullion, RES; Chip Kline, CPRA; and Val Marmillion, AWF.  Download Adam's PowerPoint here.  Download Elliott's PowerPoint here.  Download Chip's Powerpoint here.  Download Val's Powerpoint here.

Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency and Sustainability Program
The America's WETLAND Foundation convened a non-partisan, non-parochial forum of diverse experts and coastal stakeholders at the headquarters of McIlhenny Company, makers of Tabasco©, at Avery Island, La., Oct. 28-29, 2014, for an America's Energy Coast (AEC) Leadership Roundtable entitled: Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency & Sustainability. This is the proceedings report and findings from that event. 

America's WETLAND Restoration Exchange
The America's WETLAND Restoration Exchange (AWRE) is an environmental sustainability fund in which private donors may contribute to finance restoration projects consistent with the Louisiana coastal master plan, and that meet private or public sustainability and/or business objectives.

AWF Survey of Lousiana Voters
Conducted by The Kitchens Group, an Orlando-based research firm, and released today by the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF), the new poll reflects a growing anxiety about coastal land loss in Louisiana. The vast majority of those surveyed said that there needs to be less partisan bickering and more cooperation among all sectors to ensure solutions to coastal erosion.

AWF Survey of Texas Voters
Statewide survey results released today by the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) show a majority of Texans are worried about the future of the Texas coast as an economic engine driven by a healthy ecosystem.

DELTAS2013 - Communiqué of Cooperation
Participants at DELTAS2013VIETNAM, an international dialogue sponsored by the America's WETLAND Foundation of Louisiana, Viet Nam National University and the government of the Netherlands, approved a Communiqué of Cooperation on May 23, 2013, affirming the need for cooperation among peoples to save the world's great deltas. 

Beyond Unintended Consequences
The America's WETLAND Foundation released "Beyond Unintended Consequences: Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency and Sustainability," that offers 30 recommendations for Gulf Coast sustainability based on research and testimony from a series of leadership forums held in 11 communities from Texas to Florida during a 14-month period in 2011 and 2012.

Comments on Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Report
The America's WETLAND Foundation provided comments in response to the Preliminary Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy Report.

AWF/Entergy Study: Building a Resilient Gulf Coast
Mitigation and adaptation measures critical to avoiding economic and human suffering. This study shows communities along the Gulf Coast could suffer more than $350 billion in economic losses over the next 20 years due to growing environmental risks.

DELTAS2010: World Delta Dialogues Report
DELTAS2010 brought together a select delegation representing governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the science and engineering community from across the globe, along with local and regional authorities on the world's great deltas.

Secure Gulf Project Report
Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, America's Energy Coast and its partners issued this report. The Secure Gulf Project report is the culmination of ideas to sustain one of the world's most prolific ecosystems and its economic and natural resource benefits to the U.S.A REGION AT RISK: Preventing the Loss of Vital National Assets.

A Region at Risk: Preventing the Loss of Vital National Assets
A region at risk calls for a regional approach to coastal restoration, ending conflicting federal regulations and accelerating federal sharing of offshore oil revenues.

National Poll: Vast Majority Supports Federal Investment to Protect Ecosystems
A new national poll shows 91 percent of Americans believe the Gulf Coast is vital to the nation's economy and domestic energy security, and the U.S. should invest additional funds in restoring the area. 

America's WETLAND Foundation Progress Report
As an organization built around public awareness for protecting and restoring Louisiana's Gulf Coast, the AWF Progress Report delivers a descriptive and captivating story of the Foundation's remarkable strides from 2002-2009 in raising awareness about wetlands conservation and restoration.

For information on the work of the Foundation from 2010 to present, please visit our newsletters and press releases sections.

Voters Far More Likely to Vote For Legislators Who Support Gulf Restoration Funding
This document shows the results of a Gulf Coast region poll conducted in September 2010 to measure the public's reaction to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and to determine the negative effects of the spill on the perceptions of Gulf Coast residents.

Envisioning the Future of the Gulf Coast Report
In April 2006, a technical group of more than 30 scientists and engineers participated in a symposium entitled "Envisioning the Future of the Gulf Coast." The group, which included experts in geology, ecology, oceanography, engineering and economics, came from across the United States and as far as Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Egypt and Australia. For a week in April, this group toured the coast, learned about its environmental and economic importance, shared perspectives and developed their own recommendations. The resulting report is a consensus statement of the entire group.

America's WETLAND Summit Proceedings Report
This is a preliminary findings report based on the America's WETLAND Summit Series which was held in 2003 and 2004.

America's WETLAND Foundation List of Summits, Forums and Hearings
This document provides and synopsis of America's WETLAND Foundation Summits, Forums and Hearings from 2003 to 2011.

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