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Here you will find resources for educators, home schoolers, parents and children of all ages. You can download a variety of lesson plans, order an Estuarian Activity Guide, sign up to volunteer with the America's WETLAND Conservation Corps, and visit our Online Resource Center.

The Foundation believes in the importance of educating current and future generations-from the youngest to the oldest-who can act as stewards of the environment and play a key role in the sustainability of our nation's Gulf Coast communities. Please explore our various resources to learn more about the crisis facing Louisiana's coast and how you can do your part to help protect and sustain America's WETLAND.


Cool Radio Podcasts available for your classroom!

A series of fifty-two professionally developed and packaged "Gulf of Mexico Minute" radio messages in English are now available for use.  A series of twenty radio messages in Spanish are also free upon request. The messages support efforts of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance by promoting awareness about the environmental and economic importance of the Gulf of Mexico. These messages entertain listeners with unique facts about the Gulf of Mexico and provide tips about how to protect its environmental and economic health by doing things like recycling, boating responsibly and conserving energy.

The radio messages are free for use for educational purposes. To preview or download the Gulf of Mexico Minute as podcasts and explore the Gulf online, please visit www.supportthegulf.org.



These nine loveable action heroes are the mascots for the America's WETLAND Campaign's fight to save Louisiana's coast. Each of these animals and their friends live in America's WETLAND and depend on us to save their habitat. Learn about our lovable action heroes by visiting their page.

Click here to see where the Estuarians will be next! Want them to visit you? Request the Estuarians at your next event. In your email, please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.



Washing Away Lesson Plans

"Washing Away" is a documentary produced by Louisiana Public Broadcasting in August of 2007 to educate viewers about the loss of Louisiana's coastal wetlands. The lesson plans below supplement the documentary. Please send us an email to request a copy of the DVD.

Coloring Books


Estuarian Activity Guide



America's WETLAND Foundation Online Resource Center

Download or order this fun filled guide featuring the Estuarians!

This resource center is intended to serve as a reference for the history, present challenges, and future of coastal Louisiana wetlands - a place we call America's WETLAND. It is a project of LUCEC (Loyola University's Center for Environmental Communication), in partnership with the America's WETLAND Foundation.



General Education Resources

The America's WETLAND campaign thanks the USGS National Wetlands Research Center and the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act for providing some of the above materials. 


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