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Birding in Louisiana

The America’s WETLAND Birding Trail links birding trails in Texas, Mississippi and other Gulf states. Designed in 12 distinct loops, the trail will offer nature lovers views of a host of migratory and native bird species. The birding trail will also enable visitors to explore some of coastal Louisiana's most unique natural and cultural destinations.

About 450 migratory bird species can be found throughout Louisiana.  Some of them include the Cooper's hawk, the downy woodpecker, the blue jay and the tufted titmouse. An occasional bald eagle also can be seen at some sites.

The rich ecosystems created by Louisiana's varied and unusual terrain form a nurturing habitat for vast numbers of birds, including both those that are native to the region and many that migrate to or through the area each year. Many state parks and national wildlife refuges around the state are havens for birdwatching and bird photography. The coastal marshlands offer access to some of the most unusual species of songbirds, raptors and waterfowl.

Take advantage of the many birding trails around the state to see Louisiana's natural beauty and some of its most beautiful inhabitants.  

The following America’s WETLAND Birding Trail Maps are made available through the courtesy of the Louisiana Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism.

The following birding trails are now accessible:

Atchafalaya Loop

Orleans Loop

Barataria Loop

Sabine Loop

Creole Loop

St. Mary Loop

East Florida Parishes Loop

Terrebonne Loop

Grand Isle Loop

Vermillion Loop

Lacassine Loop

West Florida Parishes Loop

These birding trails are also available at and 

To download a Birder’s Guide to Louisiana visit


Since Hurricane Katrina, some roads have yet to be cleared for birding expeditions. America's WETLAND Foundation is not responsible for unaccessible birding trails.

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