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The Advocate: Our Views: The Urgency of the Coast

While the State Capitol might be tied up in partisan politics, we hope that Louisiana can continue if not improve upon its bipartisan and widespread commitment to preserving the state's coastline. "A generation from now, the coast will be very different," Gov. John Bel Edwards said last week. "The worst-case scenario from a few years ago is now the best-case scenario."


Volunteers Needed to Plant Marsh Grass on May 19, 2018

The America's WETLAND Foundation is teaming up with eRotary Coastal and calling for volunteers to help plant marsh grass this Saturday - May 19, 2018.



Last week, AWF announced the launch of The Terrebonne Biodiversity and Resiliency Projects at Pointe-aux-Chenes & Bayou Terrebonne. The projects represent a private sector investment of $3.4 million dollars and, once completed, the projects will restore 125 acres of wetlands with a per year economic value of $1.2 million and other annual benefits including, 280 tons of carbon sequestered, the elimination of up to 266 pounds of phosphorus and 10,600 pounds of nitrogen to improve water quality in lower Terrebonne Parish. AWF partnered with Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES) on these projects and BHP provided full funding.


Study: 'Legacy' nitrogen also feeds Gulf of Mexico dead zone

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Gulf of Mexico's "dead zone" will be an unwanted summer visitor for decades, Canadian scientists say. They say the oxygen-starved patch would persist even if farmers could immediately end all fertilizer runoff.




#Giving Tuesday and Holiday Shopping with a Purpose

It's #Giving Tuesday! Help us save America's WETLAND for generations to come! Donate today! Get started here..


Times Picayune: Loss of Louisiana coastal land is an ongoing emergency: Editorial

Gov. John Bel Edwards is trying to make Louisiana's vanishing coast a national priority. He officially declared the erosion of the state's coastline an emergency Thursday (April 20) and plans to send Proclamation Number 43 JBE 2017 to President Donald Trump and Congress.


Daily Comet: Governor declares La. coast in state of emergency

From time to time, the America's WETLAND Foundation shares stories of interest. Gov. John Bel Edwards declared the Louisiana coast in a state of emergency Wednesday to give national attention to coastal land loss. The letter, sent to President Donald Trump and members of Congress, aims to highlight the severity of the issue and further expedite priority restoration projects to a higher level of urgency. The state of emergency extends to May 1


Guest column: Coastal restoration protects, grows economy

From time to time, the America's WETLAND Foundation shares stories of interest. Guest column: Coastal restoration protects, grows economy. In Louisiana we understand that coastal land loss significantly impacts our economy in addition to the environmental, cultural, and human toll it takes. The state of Louisiana has created an aggressive, 50-year, $50 billion Coastal Master Plan outlining a suite of projects which, over time, will build and sustain land to protect our coast, our citizens, and vital national interests. For Louisiana's Master Plan, significant initial funding sources are identified, in the form of dedicated revenues from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which flow to the state in annual increments over the next 15 years; and the federal Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, which flow to the state annually from off shore oil and gas leases. The investment of these revenues in accordance with the Master Plan will give Louisiana communities greater environmental and flood protection security and also new momentum in local economies.


The IND: Donald Trump and America’s WETLAND

President Trump, who says he wants to address our deplorable infrastructure, could start with saving our coastal infrastructure, which aids both the environment and our energy economies.

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