Coastal Wetland Communities Adaptation Forum

The America's WETLAND Foundation is hosting a Leadership Forum on August 29, 2018, at Nicholls State University in partnership with BHP and Resource Environmental Solutions (RES).


America's WETLAND Foundation August Newsletter

Recently, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) released a series of 15-second interstitials at gas stations, calling for motorists to help turn back the tide of coastal erosion. The short videos are soon to appear at the gas pump and build on successful messaging that features the equivalent loss ofa football field of coastal wetlands each hour. AWF says the new campaign, appearing initially at gas pumps in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes, can effectively spread the word that everyone needsto be a part of the coastal restoration effort.


America's WETLAND Foundation March Newsletter


America's WETLAND Foundation November Newsletter

Noting it will require all hands on deck, the America's WETLAND Foundation called for private sector investment in "transitional projects" necessary to shore up the coast as large scale public projects come on line in the future.


America's WETLAND Foundation April Newsletter

Louisiana's 2017 Coastal Master Plan goes before the legislature in a few weeks for approval of the largest ecosystem restoration program ever undertaken in the U.S. and the America's WETLAND Foundation knows of at least five good reasons it deserves unanimous approval of our lawmakers and why everyone should support the plan.


America's WETLAND Foundation February Newsletter

Eco Magazine's Features King Milling Editorial Eco (Environmental, Coastal and Offshore) Magazine is published 9 times a year in print and digital formats, each issue presents critical business intelligence for scientific professionals. The America's WETLAND Foundation's Chairman, R. King Milling, was a guest writer of an article for the February 2017 edition of the magazine.


America's WETLAND Foundation November

Claiming that "time has run out for repairing our eroding coast and we are ready and must start," Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards challenged coastal leaders to restore 20,000 acres of wetlands by 2020 at the second of two leadership roundtables this October hosted by the America's WETLAND Foundation and the state's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. The discussions focused on financing the State's master plan for coastal restoration and protection and on making the plan operational.


America's WETLAND Foundation July Newsletter

The America's WETLAND Foundation is working with state agencies and the Edwards Administration to help inform the master planning efforts to create a path forward on restoration and protection restoration forward or delay it. More...


America's WETLAND Foundation April Newsletter

BATON ROUGE - (On April 4) the Court approved the settlement between the United States, the five Gulf States and BP for damages stemming from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Consent Decree outlines more than $20 billion in damages. Louisiana will receive a minimum of $6.8 billion for claims related to natural resource damages under the Oil Pollution Act, Clean Water Act civil penalties, and the State's various economic claims.


America's WETLAND Foundation March Newsletter

From loss of habitat to vanishing cover for a complex web of pipelines and navigation routes that fuel America and support the largest job sector in the state, any tinkering with dedicated funding for saving Louisiana's coast will have long lasting consequences, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) warns. The worry is over bills introduced into the legislative session that would turn back hard won gains for the state to secure money to restore its coast.


America's WETLAND Foundation February Newsletter



America's WETLAND Foundation January Newsletter

With 74 percent of Louisiana voters citing coastal erosion as the issue of their lifetime, a change of administration for the state might pose worrisome doubts about steadying the state of coastal restoration and protection. After meeting with new coastal leadership, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) issued the following statement by Foundation senior advisor, Sidney Coffee.


America's WETLAND Foundation December Newsletter

On Thursday, Dec. 10, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) hosted statewide media on a site visit of its Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) Shoreline Stabilization and Restoration Project located on private land along the GIWW, serving as a model of cooperation for helping to save America's WETLAND for future generations.


America's WETLAND Foundation November Newsletter

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) announced a partnership of diverse interests to restore four miles of embankment along both sides of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) in Lafourche Parish, LA, bringing private investment to restoration to protect both environmental and economic interests and serving as a new model of cooperation in coastal restoration efforts.


America's WETLAND Foundation October Newsletter

The America's WETLAND Foundation has accelerated its planning stages for Phase 1 of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) Shoreline Stabilization and Restoration Project. Permits have been obtained and the project will move forward on an expedited timeline.


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